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Measurement & Results Matter Most

You want to see your marketing programs in action and we understand proof of performance provides confidence in our services. We thrive on results. We use the feedback to manage our teams to targets with the objective of ensuring your success and satisfaction.

We Excel in Reporting Acrobatics

Tracking and reporting measurements is the cornerstone of our service. OneTouch Direct understands that key statistics reveal successes and opportunities for evolution. We deliver flexible and timely reports based on what you want to see, when and where you need it.

  • Key measures tracked to your specifications
  • Flexible and timely reports
  • Results drive program evolution for top performance

OneTouch Direct provides proprietary testing methodology, ROI models, and a vigorous management of the overall analytical process.

OneTouch Direct partners with clients to identify and measure:

  • Sales targets
  • Operational targets
  • Service quality
  • Performance – by program, product, media, segment, message, creative, and more
  • All key drivers that influence outcome

OTD’s ability to treat its customers as if they were their own, launch new programs, drive additional revenues and impact results real time is best in class.

— Senior Director