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Blast Messaging

As a single channel or as a complement to a larger contact strategy, Blast Messaging is an effective direct marketing communication channel that delivers cost efficiencies with a high delivery rate and a low average cost per transaction.

OTD provides strategic solutions for the best application of Blast Messaging services. This channel provides our clients with:

  • Blast contact options — Leverage email or our advanced autodialing system, or combine both contacts for increased response. OTD also supports client delivered text messaging blast messages.
  • Response options to suit your customer — Prospects can respond according to their preference with options including an immediate connection to a live representative, call back information, connection to leave a voice message for follow up, connection to an automated response system or other tailored solution.
  • Effective communication — Effectively delivers key messages to targeted prospects or current customers for ease of response by those audiences
  • Efficient overall cost per contact — Blast messaging offers the lowest cost methods for communicating with your prospects. Combining a low cost response mechanism creates a highly efficient transaction.

Often, customers prefer these lower cost contact methods and are more likely to interact with companies that provide their preferred communications channels. OTD works with clients to deploy Blast Messaging as part of an overall strategy or as an independent program.